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Who We Serve

The Starfish Foundation helps with the healing of emotional trauma through scholarships and sponsorships of programs dedicated to this purpose.

The Starfish Foundation has funded over $250,000 worth of scholarships to date. The funds have gone directly to:

  • Retreats for military veterans and their emotional healing. Healing Warrior Hearts is free to veterans and staffed by volunteers.

  • Sexual abuse survivors to help them deal with that extreme trauma and move forward in their lives through the Renewal weekend.

  • Others that have experienced various trauma in their lives, helping them heal their emotional wounds through the Taking It Lightly weekend.


Individuals attending programs for emotional healing can apply for scholarships to help pay for the cost of the program. Often, the people most in need of healing are also experiencing financial difficulties that would ordinarily prevent them from doing their healing work. Applicants complete a simple financial statement, with a letter stating why they are requesting a scholarship and how they will pay it forward so others can heal.


There are thousands of veterans who returned from service with PTSD and other emotional difficulties. We believe they have already paid with their service and they should not have to continue to pay for assistance in emotional healing.The Starfish Foundation raises funds to sponsor programs for veterans that they can attend at no charge.


We have also shared our blessings through grants to other non-profit organizations, like Camp American Legion in Wisconsin. This is not our primary focus, however we help when we can.

Here are just a few testimonials:

from the Scholarship Recipients


    "It's amazing what 3 little days can do in the scope of a lifetime! That's how I feel about the experience the Starfish Foundation helped me participate in. My struggles with health issues, family challenges, and life in general truly had me in a funk. It seemed that there wasn't a way out. Then, an old, dear friend recommended I apply for a scholarship from the Starfish Foundation to attend a weekend retreat. I did and I am so glad I did. I walked away with many gems of knowledge that I can actually apply to my daily life. This starfish thanks you Starfish Foundation! It does matter to each of us. Seas of love to you..."
 - Christine Harrington, De Soto, WI

    "During one of my therapy sessions in early 2006, my therapist suggested that I attend a weekend long program to help me learn to deal with some of the negative patterns I had developed in my life due to my family dynamics. The program sounded greatly helpful, however, since I am on limited social security disability, if felt that attending the weekend was out of my realm of possibilities. Fortunately, I had a wise and knowledgeable therapist, who informed me that there was a scholarship program available to help people like me. This program is called the Starfish Foundation.

   I learned later that the Starfish Foundation is made up of a group of loving people who realize the need to help others and how some may not otherwise be able to financially afford to this special type of help. Their love is unconditional — something so many people have never felt until touched by this group and their help in emotional healing. I, also, learned that the Starfish Foundation works through fundraising events along with donations to provide this money.

    Because of the Starfish Foundation and the Center for Creative Learning, I am a happier person who now sees that I am lovable and worthy of good things. I wish that all people in need could be touched by this type of love and that they may know that they are special. I am proud to say that, while I can't make big donations to the Starfish Foundation, I have been able to provide some donations along with assisting in the fundraising events so that I am able to "pay it forward" and help others."

- Susan "Suzi" Klump, Milwaukee WI

    "I had been in job search for 11 months after a layoff. I was struggling with a number of challenges, including the courage to launch my own business, the confidence to drive my business in the direction I wanted it to go, and thinking I needed to be what others wanted me to be (an employee with a steady paycheck and 'security'). My family was having financial difficulties due to the economy and job losses.

    The Starfish foundation made it possible for me to take the Taking It Lightly weekend at a reduced rate, providing me the financial support I needed. The weekend helped me tremendously. I was able to move forward with much more confidence, openness and with several new tools to communicate with my family, friends and clients and a stronger, healthier, more loving way. I am building a business and doing everything I can to pay it forward for the great gift I received.

    The Starfish foundation made it possible for me to take the weekend when I needed it."

- Dotty Posto, Milwaukee WI

Help veterans and individuals who are going through hard times and need guidance and support.

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